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My girlfriend called me over one day when her mom and dad had gone out for work. We had a drink and things started to heat up when she kissed me passionately and pushed me to the bed and started sucking my cock real hard. We had always wanted to fuck each other so badly, but had never felt sure enough or hadn’t found the time.

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While I started to fuck her, all of a sudden, I heard a voice: “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?” It was her mom. I thought I was finished but she started to strip and told us that she would teach. I continued to fuck the virgin teen Aspen Ora, while her mom kissed me hard. She helped us out in anal fucking and she stroked my cock so hard that I had cum on their face.

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As a step-dad, I shouldn’t be having such intentions with my step -daughter. But the burning angel redhead teen Hollie Mack really turns me on whenever I see her. One day, when all my three step daughters were sleeping, I gave them hardcore sex sleep surprise. I went inside their room with a hand camera on to film my sex adventure with my step-daughter.

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I woke her up and flashed my big erect cock on her face. She immediately started sucking on it as this drove her so crazy. I then fucked her on the bed and tried to make less noise as it would make her sisters wake up. I fucked her so hard and I would say this was such a good family stroke that I would remember for ages.

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Since I divorced, I was quite a loner and I missed sex so much. My daughter used to visit me every weekend and we spent some valuable time with each other. This was it, I couldn’t hold my emotions inside and I was so fed up of not getting proper sex. One weekend, when my daughter came home, I forcefully threw her to the bed and tied her arms and legs.

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She pushed me back a sever times but I was not ready to let go of my young teen Joseline Kelly. I made her suck my cock and slowly she started to enjoy it. As soon as it happened, I cut her loose and she started to strip. I fucked her so hard and I would say I was satisfied after a long time with this family strokes.

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I always masturbated thinking of my step sis, brunette babe Penny Nicholas. I wanted to fuck her so badly. When mom and dad weren’t there, I planned to roleplay a robber and fuck her with my mask on. I dressed up and saw her at the kitchen. She started to shout for help as soon as she saw me. I shut her mouth forcefully and started squeezing her boobs. She totally enjoyed it.

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Then she kneeled down and sucked my cock. She said “I know who you are, my step-brother”. This made me remove my mask and fuck her so hard. She had a taste of big cock in the kitchen. I fucked her so hard and after I had cum on her mouth and big tits, she promised that she would give me fun times whenever dad and mom weren’t there. It was such a load of family strokes and I enjoyed it totally with my dream come true.

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I used to admire my step-mom and masturbated thinking of her. This blonde babe Jade Nile was so damn sexy I wanted to fuck her so bad. The right time came when dad was out of town. That day I helped her with the dished and she had caught me red handed jerking off in my room.

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She came in front of me and undressed herself. I sucked her boobs while she gave me a wonderful hand job. I then turned her around and licked her ass and pussy so well and wet. She then started riding my cock so hard that made me cum so hard on her pussy. She called me a hardcore cock rider. This is the best family stroke I had ever had.

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My daughter seduced me when I came home drunk last night. I don’t know why she is did it but my redhead babe Elektra Rose seems to have made my dick erect more than once, and she seemed to be fully aware. The next morning, when my wife wasn’t around, she came and sat near me in the sofa and started rubbing her tits on my hands. This made me so horny and this was the right time.

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I kissed her so hard and took my cock out and slid it inside her mouth. I then started to fuck her so hard and she loved it so much. With all the hardcore pussy fucking going on, her bouncy tits really made me so horny that I had cum on her pussy so badly. This was indeed good family strokes I had.

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Catching His Step-Sister Masturbating

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I had caught my step-sister masturbating so many times, but never had told her anything about it. It made me so horny by just looking at the way she rubbed her pussy. One day, I saw her sitting at the sofa and enjoying herself a porn video and masturbating with a vibrating toy. This made me so horny. I took my cock out and went near her. She was stunned at the first, but later she sucked my cock so hard.

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Then she started to ride my big sausage cock so hard while rubbing her pussy with the vibrating toy. With all the vibrating toy and huge cock she did enjoy herself so much and I would say I had such nice family strokes and promised her I wouldn’t tell anything to mom and dad.

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I had always had a fantasy to fuck my exxxtra small tits step-daughter. This gorgeous teen Ariana Grand never failed to come to my thoughts while I fucked my wife. One day, when my wife wasn’t around, we sat down for watching a movie. There was this intimate scene in the movie that made her horny and started seducing me. I couldn’t control my erection and soon she removed my pants and started to suck on my big cock.

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I then fucked her so hard in the couch and made her scream loud in pleasure. I fucked her in various positions and I gave a facial cumshot load on her face. This was such a nice family stroke and she did promise me that she won’t tell momma about it.

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